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The Story of Rigging

Azadi March PTI

Note: I just have 20 minutes free so will try and write it as fast and short as possible hope it helps you guys open your eyes.

I still remember that day, because it was the worst day of my life. I never wanted to talk about it openly but here is the time, I guess the perfect time to talk about it.

Election day! How much I was excited only I and the people who were around me know that.

I had campaigned for PTI for months, being a PTI TR. Going door to door, convincing people to vote, on social networks convincing people, arguing with people on the streets among family and friends, writing blog posts, even forcing people to come and vote from countries like USA, Norway, Korea, China, I absolutely tried my best for it.

Anyways, let's come to the real story. My vote was registered at my Village which is almost 2 hours away from Multan city. PTI's candidate from that constituency was Jahangir Tareen you people may well know about him very well.

We reached our village in the morning, my uncle* (not telling the exact relation, sorry) who was the Numberdaar* (leader, chaudhry or wadera whatever you wanna call it) was supporting PMLN so he asked us all to vote for PMLN.

My dad said that my children have come here to vote for PTI they even convinced me to stop supporting PMLN so we all will vote for PTI. My uncle argued a lot, even said okay you can vote for PTI for the National Assembly seat but you all should vote for PMLN for the provincial assembly. The debate kept on going for an hour my dad agreed with him, but I told my dad that no matter WHAT seat you have to vote for PTI.

My other cousins and uncles and aunts came to our village, they all were PMLN supporters but everyone was like okay Raafay we are voting for PTI just because of your convincing, they better not disappoint us.

We went to vote then, my uncle was sitting with the officers there. They told me he was allowed to sit there, I kept quiet.

I talked to some people there they all said we wanna vote for Imran Khan but we are scared.

There were camps of different parties outside the polling station and I swear ALL of the people present there were at the PTI camp.

Anyways we voted for PTI, there was no restriction on anyone, according to the ECP rules only one person was allowed to enter the voting booth but there were several people at a time, I saw one person having 7 papers he so proudly showed everyone he was voting 7 votes for PMLN and that if anyone has the courage to stop him he can. (I made the video of him saying and doing everything). And my uncle, the RO, the policemen, the people they were all looking at him and laughing doing nothing.

I was so shocked. I called PTI TR headquarters and told them what was happening here. They asked me to come back to them with the video to Multan. I went back home with the video, my next duty was to take women and children and people who could not travel themselves to the polling stations and help and guide them to vote.

We had to do it on our own cars, I kept on taking people from one polling station to others, from their homes to other the camps and from camps to polling stations took me almost 3 hours in all this.

I rushed back to my village now it was almost 5:30 pm when I reached the polling station there, remember the polling was extended by ONE hour, for reasons only known to angels.

And my word what do I see!

Almost 7 people (Including my uncle) with sticks and guns in their hands , had the ballet box open and they were checking the votes of, one person was voting non stop for placing stamps on them. 

There were votes papers tore into pieces here and there on the floor ALL of them were PTI votes. I went there and started literally shouting at them, what are you doing, I am gonna report you this and that.

There were people standing outside to vote but they were told to go back home and that their votes will be counted they don't need to worry.

The RO who were supposed to be responsible for voting were sitting having food and tea without any concerns, I went to them and said the same things, they told me they had ORDERS from above not to do anything and it will be better for me if I leave.

I took their pics, tried making the videos. Suddenly two people came towards me and tried to snatch away my phone, I tried running away and they started beating me with sticks, kicks.

My uncle said let him go, so they let me go.

I called the PTI center again, told them everything they said they have submitted the video already and that they had almost around 23 videos and several hundred pics of rigging.

I came back home. Submitted all the evidence, so dis-hearted.

Switched on the TV! Around 9 PM what do I see, Nawaz Sharif giving his victory speech :O

The total seats counted (non official results) at that time were 33. JUST 33 out of a total of 364 or some seats. Among wihch PTI had 7 and PMLN had won 13 at that time.


He told me, beta this is Pakistan, anything can happen here.

Later the seat where I had voted. All the TV channels including GEO. ARY and AAJ these were the ones I can remember accurately showing Jahangir Tareen WINNING the seat by a lead of 78000-28000 votes. They all were like lets stop discussing about this seat and move on to the other ones, as this is done and decided.

I STATED SMILING FINALLY. AT LEAST PTI IS WINNING FROM WHERE I VOTED. (Imran Khan was winning his seat from Lahore at the same time as well which he lost in the morning only god knows how.)

I slept a little happy, felt consolidated.

I woke up the next day and read the news... PMLN wins the seat by a margin of 88000 to 78000 votes.


Like PMLN got 60000 votes and PTI didn't even get a single vote more? Can you believe this.

I could not even talk for two days after that, I almost was kidnapped (thankfully survived) because I gave evidences against my own uncle.

Jahangir Tareen is still seeking justice for his seat, has spent almost 2,000,000 rupees in all the procedure (WHICH WAS TO BE COMPLETED IN 90 DAYS according to the constitution) It has been 14 months now, 14 MONTHS.

So now tell me! Where is PTI wrong in asking for RECOUNTING AND JUSTICE?

It amazes me! Like PTI asks for justice, free and fair elections, reforms! And people reply back what have you done in KPK? I mean this is something worth laughing and crying at the same time!

The point is A GOVERNMENT CAME INTO BEING BY COMPROMISING VOTES. BY UNFAIR MEANS. BY CHEATING and you ask what has PTI done in one year? I mean how does PTI not doing or doing anything makes the rigging, cheating justifiable?

I don't care what anyone says! I saw rigging, I suffered, I was hurt and disappointed, I tried my best to change Pakistan, I voted for change!


Okay we can argue on what party has done what in one year, okay you can call the most partiotic Pakistani an Isreali ageint. Okay you can hate someone and like some party it is your choice, but you CANNOT justify the wrong that happened. I saw it with my own eyes, I didn't just sit there and tweet or watched TV that day, I tried my best!

Don't you dare tell me I don't have the right to seek justice.


I WANT JUSTICE. IT IS MY RIGHT! I saw my dream shattered.


Jbtw, all the evidence I and other submitted was given as a proof to Election Commission of Pakistan and included in the White Paper that PTI published last year.

But NOTHING has happened uptill now. NOTHING.

May God bless us and help us think and see things clearly and put some common sense in our sleepy brains. Ameen.

A Little Bit of Pakistan Away From Pakistan.

Pakistan Independence Day

Distances don't matter if someone loves something so much. My belief on this quote is strong. I may not live in Pakistan anymore but that doesn't mean I don't love or have forgotten my country.

I was so confused on what to write about Pakistan, some motivation copied old things about Pakistan, a letter to Pakistanis, stories of people who had left India for Pakistan well then I thought about this and here it is.

The only reason to write this article is to tell people how much Pakistan means to me and that you don't have to be in Pakistan to love Pakistan or do something for Pakistan.

Free Al Jazeera Staff

Written By: Fatima Arshad

A case that has taken over the international media’s headlines is not that of the situation in Iraq nor of what crimes Israel is committing in Palestine in search of its national but that of the sentences handed down to the Al Jazeera staff.

There is no doubt that the sentences came as a shock to everyone. The three journalists – Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed – were detained by Egyptian authorities after a raid on their hotel in Cairo.

Fahmy and Greste were each given prison sentences of seven years, whereas Baher got an additional three years for possession of “ammunition”.

It is amusing to note that the evidence provided to support the decision were this – a news report made while none of them were in Egypt, a BBC podcast, recordings on non-Egyptian issues and a pop video by singer Gotye. Neither of these, agreeably, are evidence enough nor evidence logical enough to be called evidence that are worthy of supporting such a decision.

All three journalists were completely neutral in their presentation of the image and happenings of Egypt, and thus labelling them as aiders of a “terrorist organization” (reference being made to the Muslim Brotherhood) is not, by any means, justifiable. Also the allegation that Baher Mohamed was in possession of ammunition is a corruption of the truth, as what was named “ammunition” was in actuality a spent bullet casing he had found on the ground during a protest.

Al Anstey, Al Jazeera English managing director rightly said that the verdicts defied “logic, sense and any semblance of justice”.

The Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi said that he will not interfere with judicial verdicts, following international protest over the unjust decision made by the Egyptian judiciary. Sisi also said that the world needs to understand and recognize the Egyptian judiciary as an independent body and thus interference by anyone would not be acceptable to him nor the judiciary.

The response by the media world over has been extremely supportive and moving.

Also worth mentioning is the reaction of diplomats around the world. John Kerry called the sentences “chilling and draconian”. The British Foreign Minister, William Hague said that he was “appalled”.

These actions by the Egyptian authorities are playing their part in tarnishing Egypt’s already ruined image. As a country with bright future prospects if injustice is eradicated and democracy welcomed, Egypt needs to start work on improving what it’s known for.

People all over the world are hopeful of good news coming from the Egyptian court, but until that happens (as it is high unlikely), let’s pray karma intervenes.

May those called ‘criminals’ for bringing awareness to their people and doing their job, have fate on their side.
For now... #FreeAJStaff

The Story of Geoffrey D Langlands

G D Langlands

This is the life story of Major Geoffrey D Langlands in his own words. I am posting this with so much pride and excitement as I have waited for this day for so long. Ever since I got to know about Geoffrey D Langlands he has inspired me, someone who has spent all his life for Pakistan in Pakistan even when he belonged to a foreign land and now calls himself a Pakistani. You must know the feel when people who inspire you actually talk to you, you can get to know them and tell people about them, it is like a dream come true for me. He is a true Pakistani hero someone we all should be proud of and I want to thank him for everything he has done for Pakistan, hope you live a long, happy and healthy life. - Raafay Awan

Early Life

I was born in Yorkshire (United Kingdom), on October 21, 1917 and was ten minutes younger than my identical twin brother. In 23rd October, 1918 after a period of one year my sister Audrey was born. My father was an employee in an Anglo American company in England. When I was only one year old, my father died due to worldwide Influenza Epidemic which killed about a hundred million people in 1918. After the death of my father, my mother took her family back to her parents in Bristol. There, in Bristol, my grandfather took the responsibilities of me and my family.

My grandfather, who was already retired, took up a new part time job in order to maintain the family requirements. The money which my grandfather earned was not sufficient so, my mother also went to another town for a job so that she could be able to fulfill their requirements. It was in 1930, life became more difficult for us when my mother working for 6 years with cancer, passed away.

A Sleepy Serious Senseless Blog Post


Too sleepy to write anything but just feel like writing so if this article makes no sense to you, don't mind.

Forgive your .... Oh .. umm I forgot what I had to write here. This strange observation came in my mind and I thought I should write something about it, just got off my mind though.

So well, there is something I notice a lot in people. When you talk to someone initially, people show different kinds of responses. Some will talk to you so freely that you will think you both click, some will be so reserved that you will regret you started talking with them, some people will give you that feel they want to know you, some will give that feel they won't take you seriously.

A Chance was all it'd Take


Written By: Hayah Iqbal 

I don’t know what and why it happened. You say I’m the one to be blamed. But to whatever you think, here’s the return. I don’t know who your closest ones are. Neither have I teamed up with anyone. And after everything you are still placing the blame at me? That I withdrew? That ‘I’ walked away? Tell me how? How is it that I am the reason why WE collapsed? Tell me how more than a month long silence is justifiable.


 Written By: K. A.

It's funny how life treats you with such cruelty sometimes
It expects you to be brave but gives you no thread to hold on to
You freak out, you cry, you burn and you die from the inside at times
Because you know that even though you're surrounded by people still no one loves you.

It's funny how you die from the inside every single day
But you don't let the world know of this at all
You go through shit but still they say
You're not old enough to be on your own so when you're in trouble just give us a call.

They don't understand you, do they?
All they know is how to make it worse
They're your enemies they don't want your happiness to stay
They're pledged to evil they want to put you under a curse.

You're stronger than them
You're stronger than you think you are
Because you're nothing but a pure gem
And devils, that's what they are.

Waiting for the Sun


Written By:  Syeda Sumbul 

I am Marissa Clayton and today, I think I am ready to write about… this.

Its 5:22 am right now and I feel lost. I can’t bring myself to feel the same happiness and liveliness, I usually feel with every passing breath. It’s an awkward feeling. Just right now, I realize the value of a best friend, of someone whom you can talk to. I realize now. I am hurt, knowing that I don’t have a best friend, it sucks. Right now, I feel like, ‘I wish I had someone to share my feelings with’. I feel like, ‘I wish I had someone to tell that how lonely I feel at times’.